About us

It’s about time.

Repairs, maintenance & asset management is best served by an organization that understands urgency & the importance of service delivery. DESCO is such an organization; has been and always will be with a menu of services and knowledge quite unlike anyone else in the service industry.


Services that help you optimize system utilization while we continuously reduce your equipment maintenance costs and give you more time to focus on your core purpose – quality patient & quality customer care.


There are many ways we make that happen among the hospitals, delivery networks, surgery centers, imaging practices, rehab and PT facilities we partner with throughout the northeast USA and beyond. So with that all said, please accept our invitation to peruse the other sections of our site here to better understand the extent of our capabilities and learn how our mission really does align with yours.


Defining DESCO:


As a company that has been in business for over 45 years, we as a group are well-positioned to have handled the lion’s share of service issues, administrative procedures and everything else you can imagine. We understand urgency & ongoing changes in the market. We live it.


And while we are committed to being the global model for service, we haven’t veered away from what’s senior to any singular milestone; that being what’s needed or wanted by the customer. So whether you are in hospitality, healthcare or protecting the environment treating wastewater, customer-tailored programs are readily available to help you increase up-time and economize on cost.

Where We Are Proficient:


Identifying and Establishing the Ideal In-House HTM/CE Model

OEM and Dealer Direct Service Delivery


HTM/Clinical Engineering Asset Management


Field Service Inspections and Repairs


TempTech Staffing


Contract Consolidation


Equipment Rentals (via MedOne)


Project Management


Cost and Repair Trend Monitoring


Customized Field Service Agreements


Incoming Equipment Inspections


Electrical Safety Inspections


Our Vision


DESCO Medical will be the global model on how service is

delivered across all industries.

Where We Work:


Hospitals, Medical Centers

Laboratory Research Facilities

Hotels, Restaurants

Imaging Centers

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy and Community Health Centers

DESCO refers to medical equipment manufacturer guidelines for preventive maintenance to ensure that medical equipment is maintained based on its unique specifications. We take it a step further by performing a thorough evaluation of medical equipment work order history on specific items throughout our customer base.


Our Mission


To be the preferred biomedical equipment and asset management service organization in the United States. We will do this by providing the best customer and medical equipment repair service in the industry on a timely basis. We will ensure that our customers have the maximum up-time and longevity of their equipment while minimizing their costs. We are their trusted partner.


DESCO Medical Equipment Repair and Service Regions



New Hampshire


Rhode Island


New York

New Jersey






DESCO offers consulting and professional services internationally.


This service map represents where our direct technical service support and regional offices are located.

Corporate Headquarters
124 Main Street
Norfolk, MA  02056
Telephone: 800-845-0606
Southeast Regional Office
2240 SW 70th Avenue
Unit H1
Davie, FL 33317
Telephone: 877-845-5911
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Corporate Headquarters
124 Main Street
Norfolk, MA  02056
Telephone: 800-845-0606
Southeast Regional Office
2240 SW 70th Avenue
Unit H1
Davie, FL 33317
Telephone: 877-845-5911